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Wedding Styles

Traditional or exclusive, choose your best

Details make a difference


Cozy and formal enough at the same time; invitations will be first, following bon ton rules as usual: next step, getting the proper color palette, ranging from elegant taupe to romantic pink.


Love essential? Get minimal!

In a  clear sophisticated atmosphere, white predominant colored, all elements contribute to achieve a straight linear beauty; uncoated paper, announcements’ font, decor and, last but not least, location, inspired to latest urban trends.


Italy has become very popular to get married, due to the wide range of offers provided; often more and more couples, both foreign and local, choose a mashup of traditions to celebrate their wedding day,where overseas trends and local habits mix , bringing together culture and a  touch of Class made in Italy.


Old days lovers, we’ll bring you back to romance and originality of your favourite ages, bringing the magic and poetry of the past to your marriage.


If you love country life, natural scents and simplicity, that’s your style! Get the real taste of Italy, its vineyards and olive tree groves, feeling free to live your experience in a mansion or holiday farm.

Shabby Chic

One of the latest trends, matching retro shabby elements and classy elegance.

Open air locations fit perfectly for the purpose to brathe new life into the past; holyday farms, mansions, liberty Villas and their romantic gardens are the most suitable ones, being a perfect frame where natural beauty and shabby theme meet.


A five star Wedding deserves a five star service from beginning to end; guests should be pampered all way long, since they step into town: transfers, facilities, accomodation, welcome bag, the party itself, all must be fulfilling the highest standards ever.

Let us just amaze you.


Living the high life… getting a glam party! Let the bride be inspired by the roaring Twenties; short dress decorated with fringes and sequins or mermaid type. May we suggest a castle, or an historic Villa for the party and many, bright though soffused lights for your set-up. High candelabras, opulent chandeliers and an overflow of candle lights will do the rest.


Though all weddings are somehow “thematic”, in this section we are spotting on those whose theme is extremely precise, such as Gothic, Fantasy, Hippy, Medieval etc.

Do not hesitate to say what your desire is: nothing will be left to chance, including wedding stationary!


Industrial style gets inspiration from old abandoned buildings such as factories, lofts and attics of London, Paris and New York, with its elegant facades and worn-out interiors, nowadays used as locations for wedding parties as well.

A perfect industrial set, requires wide simple spaces, long exposed brick or concrete walls, huge wooden beams and iron pillars; lighting should be made by using external wires and bulbs, old lamps hanging from the ceiling and candle lights to distribute in  dark corners, adding a romantic warm touch. Metal chairs, shabby furniture,wooden boards, glass and ironware, suspended cables, candles, bottles,forest flowers, bulb garlands and luminous letters as adornment.

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