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Breath taking views, architectural gems, fascination; get them all anywhere you wish... in Italy

Where getting married


Overhanging the sea, perched in the mountains, small jewels or big and sumptuous; no way to compare the huge variety of Italian castles, where history and magic will take you back to old ages. The romantic architecture, enriched by paintings, frescos and crests, adds value to this kind of location, enjoyable all year long and extremely flexible in the in the unfortunate event of bad weather. The only concern would be choosing your best, according to the number of guests.


Embedded stones in the mountains, Italian lakes made so many couples fall in love: Garda and Como lakes above all, as well as smaller ones, provide a large choice of locations, such as Villas or charming Castles, so, why not enjoy a boat ride to start your dreamlike ceremony?

Exclusive hotels

No-stress sites for you and your guests, as the Ceremony and the party may take place transfer-free in the same location, while enjoying all facilities such as spa, pools and much more.

Exclusive use of facilites / full hotel booking on request.

Historic Villas

Rich examples and expression of Italian art and aristocratic elegance (Palladian Villas) ,they are usually sourrounded by lush geometric gardens.

Let us get it for you!

Venetian palace

No words to describe the most romantic and historical town in the world…but unique, as unique would be getting married in an aristocratic palace facing the most beautiful canals and bridges in town.

Think of reaching the site lulled by the sound of water riding a Gondola, staring at the facades of ancient palaces, in a fairy-tale atmosphere where everything is real and you are the main characters…

Got it?

Historic mansions

Warmly recommended if you’re planning to host around 100 guests, as their elegant halls, may rarely accomodate many more people. A dive into history however, made it possible thanks to guided tours of the house during the party.

Country houses

A genuine experience for country life lovers and authentic regional cuisine experts.


Italian culinary art is worldwide famous, as it is its great variety of choice and standards, from gourmet starred executive chef recipes to specialities from grandma’s kitchen.

Just be spoiled by choice: we’ve got marvellous restaurants in caves facing the sea on Amalfi coast, as well as  locations in between hill vineyards…


“L’Officina del Volo” may be considered a good example to show what a Metropolitan Loft is; located in the middle of an industrial area of the early ‘900, has often been used for commercials, TV series and weddings as well.


Getting married on the beach, barefoot on the seashore. The waves being your soundtrack… can you imagine anything more romantic?

A few tips to make your big day the perfect one:

  • Choosing a location that might supply indoor facilities in case of bad weather
  • Providing flip flops, sunglasses, fans and shades for your guests, they will appreciate!
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