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From formalities to tea lights ,we'll think about it all!

So many ways to say “I love you”

Civil wedding

May be celebrated in town halls or different locations as stated by each and every municipality; some of them allow the ceremony to take place in Castles, historical buildings or Villas. Not being officially recognised by the Church, bureaucratic procedures may vary according to towns and nationality of bride and groom; no worries…we’ll think about it all.


If you don’t feel like getting married in church, nor in those locations authorized by the Municipality (see Civil wedding), go for it!

Symbolic marriages do not have any legal value, though may be formalized later in Italy or your native country.


There are many Protestant churches in Italy, such as in Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples for example; Protestant ministers however, may celebrate weddings elsewhere, that is to say wherever you desire in Italy, any location you wish.


Catholic ceremonies are celebrated in Church only (not so with blessings however) and our Country has an unbeatable heritage of extraordinary variety and beauty that will make it easy for you to marry in the Church that suits you best. Bureaucracy on the other hand, takes longer time to be processed, as it involves different authorities.

LGBTQ Wedding

Couldn’t be any better place than Italy to celebrate your love, so get ready for your dreamlike marriage… once formalities will be over. We’ll take care of it all, just don’t forget to bring those important documents needed, such as passport, birth certificate, affidavit stating there’s no impediment to marriage.


On the wedding day, bride (in a white dress) and groom (wearing a kittel or tallit) will join the Synagogue ; the procession will shortly after lead to the hall where Chuppah (Huppan) is set up and the Rabbi will celebrate the wedding.


The biggest Catholic-Armenian community in Italy, refers to San Lazzaro degli Armeni Monastry in Venice; a breathtaking location to celebrate your wedding and a  magic town to party, offering so much to meet all your expectations.


Hindu marriage (aka Vivaha) solemnly bonds together bride, groom and their respective families and apart from being a sacrament itself, it is considered to be a way to pay off one’s debts with forefathers. Bride marries in red ( bearer of good fortune) and gold and wears a veil on her head to symbolize humility and chastity. Hands and feet are richly adorned with henna decorations.

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