Moodboard 2021: Pastel Shades Ochre and Butter.

Weddings 2021: the new Trends.

The Pastels will be absolute protagonists in the Colors-2021, and will replace the traditional Palette of Fard and Ivory.

They give a fresh, calm and relaxed, but especially personal atmosphere to the wedding with Lilac Tulip, Yellow Peach, Sage Green and, a wise use of the Organge and Coral colors, harmoniously coordinated… and even more with Ochre, Mustard and Butter tunes and a wise use of complementary colors, for a note of novelty and lightness!


Yellow has so many wonderful tones in nature with nuances for every season! 

The intensity of Mustard, for example, works so well with fabrics like velvet and satin, that they can be used for everything from table runners to bridesmaid dresses.