Sustainability has increasingly been taken into account, and in 2021 even weddings will be sustainable.

Several Wedding Planners and Designers are specializing in eco-sustainable weddings.

Their efforts to make weddings environmentally friendly are expressed in great ideas for all couples to adopt; I suggest some that I found interesting:

  • organize a party by planting trees for each of your guests; in order to reduce their carbon emissions;
  • attention to the origin of the raw material for food, opting for locally grown meat and vegetables, or a vegan menu;
  • serving local beers, wines and spirits;
  • choose a location with a beautiful background, which does not require the use of decorations that will end up in landfills;
  • use plants for decorations that can be repotted after the ceremony.

Couples in 2021 will give priority to ethics and sustainability also for their clothes, they will give importance not only to their favorite designers but also to their production procedures.

The Coronavirus pandemic has opened the eyes to many people, on how companies treat their staff and on who is behind the scenes for the production of their clothes and in 2021

they will ask for the best, and they will choose accordingly.

Now more than ever so many brides-to-be are paying attention to how wedding dresses are made: where, by whom, how?

I believe that 2021 will be the year in which women will know even more what they want to support and will be more in tune, more attentive and aware of purchases for their wedding.

It is a day with great significance and must fully represent them.