First tip: take your time! A large advance on the date will allow you choosing locations and supplies at best.

(Photo by Serena Genovese)

How to  truly get the“perfect” day, not just on the calendar?

List all your  priorities, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of getting married during the week or at the weekend;

think of those you’d love to be there: witnesses, friends, your loved ones,  and communicate them as soon as possible the wedding date, above all to witnesses.

Pay attention to the calendar: national holidays, bridges, holiday periods, in order not to embarras guests, making ’em choose whether to go on vacation or attend your wedding.




When, during the year?

The most popular periods are late spring from May to June or after  summer heat, between September and October.

Do not underestimate however the wedding in winter, as there are several advantages, not least the price, being low season.

 Make sure the church or town hall  is free on the date you selected.


What time should the ceremony be scheduled?

In recent years, the trend is increasingly to get married in the afternoon, optimizing the time for celebrations and enjoying the evening much more scenographic atmosphere, which gives greater prominence to the settings. Do not forget to ask the celebrant his availability.